in association with and (which are partner sites) are some of the most highly recognized cricket portals on the internet. is ranked #4 in the world on under News and Media websites for the sport cricket, just behind BBC ( is ranked #1 on the popular search engine ( under cricket, directory is ranked #4 on under the keyword cricket and is ranked #3 under cricket, directory

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AD Serving Technology

By partnering with ( and their ACE server technology, CricketOnly can now offer clients the ability to run CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions), CPC (Cost per Click) and CPA (Cost per Acquisition) campaigns.

In addition, advertisers can utilize the services of ACE ad server technology to geo-target their ads. So if an advertiser wants their ads displayed to viewers only from the UK it is now possible to do so. Advertisers can also pick & choose the specific time and date for which they would like their ads to run.

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